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Flashman on the March
George MacDonald Fraser
317 pages including notes
published in 2005

Yeah Flashman! Latest of the old bully and coward's adventures, fun as always. Proper review.

Gate of Ivrel
C. J. Cherryh
191 pages
published in 1976

First novel of one of my favourite authors. Fun to see certain of her obsessions already in full flow here. Proper review

Sewer, Gas & Electric
Matt Ruff
560 pages
published in 1997

Fun but uneven Gonzo science fiction by rec.arts.written regular. Proper review.
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Looking for Jake and Other Stories
China Miéville
303 pages
published in 2005

First short story collection by Miéville, much horror and/or "weird fiction". Interesting, fun, but not an essential collection. I liked it and read it in an afternoon, but it's a far cry from his novels. Proper review.

Blair's Wars
John Kampfner
401 pages including index
published in 2004

An overview of Blair's foreign policy, focusing on the five wars he involved the UK in in the first six years of his premiership. Well done, but limits itself to the political manoeuvring, losing sight of the wider context in places Proper review.

Battle for Empire
Tom Pocock
272 pages including index
published in 1998

An overview of some of the campaigns of the Seven Years' War fought in the Americas and India. The author is firmly on the side of the English, keeping his point of view there and is not interested in the wider context of the war in which to place the campaigns he's writing about. Nevertheless interesting to read, within these limitations. Proper review.


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